Our Story

For the Love of the Horse

The All in Line Stables Story

Honoring Our Roots.

All in Line Stables was founded in 2004 as a state-of-the-art thoroughbred training facility in the heart of Ocala. Accomplished graduates include the likes of Cairo Prince, Super Saver, Soldat, and Summerly. 

Over the past 20 years, the farm has provided world-class training, meticulously maintained facilities, and an unparalleled level of care and commitment to horse and rider. Racing has been good to us and we look fondly on our time in the industry as we close that chapter. 

Charging Towards the Future.

Today, All in Line Stables has embarked on a new journey as it shifts and expands its focus as a premier winter boarding and event facility for a wide variety of equestrian disciplines, including Show Jumping, Dressage and Eventing.

In keeping with our commitment to quality care, we have added new facilities and amenities to ensure our guests and clients, including the animals, will be comfortable at All in Line Stables. 

We welcome you to take a virtual tour of the farm.

Core Values

We like to set expectations at the gate.

Our core values show you what to expect from us as a business and when working with us. We strive to work with people whose core values align with ours. If you join us at All in Line Stables as a boarder, attendee of an event, or renter of our facilities, we hope you see these values shine through during the entirety of your experience.



We aim to promote quality in every aspect of our business and customer experience. From our facility, to the care we provide for our horses, to the process of using our farm, quality is a key component at All in Line Stables.



We operate on trust, integrity, and honesty. We want our clients to know that their horses, equipment, and client experiences are in the best hands. We highly value integrity and aspire to work with people and clients who do the same.



Sustainability is a driving force for all of us at All in Line Stables. We care deeply about the land that we and our animals rely on. We are committed to sustainable farm and business practices.



While we are committed to quality, integrity, and sustainability, we are also committed to ensuring that guests of All in Line Stables have FUN. Horses make our lives fun in so many ways and we want our facility and services to communicate that effortlessly.



We are committed to creating a space for the curious, knowledge-seeking equestrians. We want our clients and visitors to come away from our facility with more knowledge than they arrived with. We want to offer and facilitate activities and services that promote equine education as much as possible.


The Little Things

We value the details. We want to make even the smallest part of our farm comfortable for our horses and special for our clients and visitors. We put much of our time and energy into the smallest details on our property and in our business.



We value respect and encourage it amongst our staff and clients. Respect for the horse, respect for our facility, respect for the land, and respect for our fellow humans (staff and clients alike) is one of our top priorities.

Until you have loved a horse…
a part of your soul sleeps.

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